Think Different? SDC#7 is just for you!

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Brent White - Common Assessment Mistakes Pen Testers and Clients Should Avoid

Workshop Announcement - @AdamOfDC949 Adam - Fuzzing Workshop

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Bob Wheeler - Finding Your Next CyberSec Job

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - l0stkn0wledge - Death of an Infosec Professional

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Joe Schottman - Cargo Cults and the Reference Interview (a brief history of)

Saturday Keynote Announcement - Scotty Moulton

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Russell Butturini - Implementing Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics in the Real World

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Nancy Snoke and Phoenix Snoke - Hacking the IoT: A Case Study

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Joe Gray (@C_PJoe) - Better OSINT for Better Social Engineering

Friday Keynote Announcement - Jayson Street

Workshop Announcement - Marcelle (@marcelle_fsg) - Fun with Network Traffic Analysis!

SPEAKER ANNOUNCMENT - @InsiderThreats (Antonio A. Rucci) - Breaking $#!+ with Passive Network Assessments... without Breaking Your Client's Budget

SPEAKER ANNOUNCMENT - Rich MacVarish - Crowdsourced disaster response: Hurricane Harvey

Event Announcement - Hacker Poker Run

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - James "GrayRaven" Powell - Overkill: The Home Edition

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - CatatonicPrime - SSH+MSF+TOR = Anonymous Remote Shells

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Wally Prather and Dave Marcus - "DNC Hacked Data in the Hands of a Trained Intelligence Professional"

Event Announcement - Hacker Jeopardy signups are now open

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - James Bower - "Pen Testing is Dead: Adapt or Demise"

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Grid (Aka Scott M.) - "Anti-OSINT...or hiding from The Man"

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Curtis Koenig - "Training Everyone to Lead"

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