SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Joe Schottman - Cargo Cults and the Reference Interview (a brief history of)

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that Joe Schottman will be speaking at SkyDogCon 7.  Joe brings a unique view on cargo cults and how it has spread into computer programming.


"Richard Feynman introduced the concept of cargo cults into science and the idea has subsequently spread into computer programming. Based on an actual phenomenon observed in the Pacific Islands, cargo cults attempted to to replicate rituals that appeared to bring gifts from the sky without understanding what the rituals actually did or how they worked. Replacing knowledge and comprehension with ritual and belief leads to failure in the Pacific, science, programming, and security.

This talk is aimed at being entertaining and informative rather than deeply technical and covers the history of and differences between actual cargo cults, cargo cult science, and cargo cult programming and how the ideas of cargo cult programming can be seen in security operations and testing. It concludes with describing a technique called the reference interview used by reference librarians to attempt to make sure that their users answer the correct questions, something that can help fight cargo cults in the workplace"

About Joe:

"I've worn many hats in IT, including web application development and system administration, DevOps, Security Operations, and Web Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management. I'm focused on testing and working smarter and helping people understand
the underlying concepts rather than relying on ineffable processes and