SPEAKER ANNOUNCMENT - @InsiderThreats (Antonio A. Rucci) - Breaking $#!+ with Passive Network Assessments... without Breaking Your Client's Budget

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that @Insider Threats (Antonio Rucci) will be speaking at SkyDogCon7.  He has some money saving ideas for pentesters that he will be sharing with us.


Pentesters can bring a LOT of value to "companies on a budget" through Passive Network Assessments. Not everyone can afford Pentests; nor do they need them. You can demonstrate a LOT of value in a short period of time... gaining their trust along the way. Here's one way t do it successfully.

About Antonio:

"Antonio A. Rucci is a retired Counterintelligence Special Agent and US Army Warrant Officer, with more than 33 years of technical security experience. Tony is the Director of Information Security & Threat Intelligence for Information International Associates.

Tony ran technical espionage and computer crimes investigations for a good portion of his operational career. He served as the Counterintelligence Operations Officer at The White House, serving two administrations before stepping into the private sector, building two technical security companies and serving as CSO for two others. Tony continues to serve national security efforts in his current capacities with IIa, building a robust Threat Intelligence and Information Security vertical supporting both private sector and government interests.  Twitter: @InsiderThreats "