SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Curtis Koenig - "Training Everyone to Lead"

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that Curtis Koenig will be speaking once again at SkyDogCon 7. Titled "Training Everyone to Lead", this talk is a must see.

Leadership is an action, not a title. It's a fluid function of the needs of a group or organization to accomplish common goals. So why do some organizations limit that knowledge? The ability to effectively communicate, resolve conflicts, build teams, and plan projects are a portion of the leaders toolbox. These skills are not just for the select but should be part of an organizations vernacular. By examining the practices of organizations that regularly train members in leadership we can understand the positive effects that allow these organizations to more effectively achieve their goals.  Members that are driven by autonomy, mastery, and purpose are happier, more engaged, and more productive; and it's leadership ability that creates these opportunities. This talk will examine the difference between management and leadership. Discuss the tools of effective leadership for engaging and inspiring teams. Why sometimes following is good leadership, As well as providing a first hand perspective of receiving and delivering leadership training and it's effects on the organization.

About Curtis: "The vagabond of SkyDogCon returns with another spewing of observations on ""the mostly hairless monkeys"". Only this time he's brought some helpers with him. Curtis returns with his arguably unique perspective on how the ""meat robots"" operate in InfoSec and how we might improve it. He's someone managed to remain gainfully employed in the high tech, insurance and finance sectors despite his ""quirks"".