SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - l0stkn0wledge - Death of an Infosec Professional

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that Joey "l0stkn0wledge" will be speaking at SkyDogCon 7.  He will be presenting his views on what's next for all of us in the security industry.  Everyone who is planning on working past 2025 should be listening to this talk.


The information security field has been booming for years, and in the past few years, some experts have begun speaking about the field being in a bubble that will inevitably burst. As the field continues to booms, jobs continue to grow, new technologies continue to emerge, many have begun to view some of these calls as just doomsayers and pessimists. But what happens if they are right? What if there is actually something to their words? What does a world without many of us doing our current jobs look like? Should we start considering our next careers now? What is next?

About Joey:

Joey / l0stkn0wledge is a life-long hacker and has worked in information security for the last 11+ years. His work has covered certifications and compliance, research and development, and penetration testing. During his time, he's worked at the lowest levels of an organization up through management. He brings his own interesting perspective to every presentation and tries to not only present the problems but bring something that resembles a solution too.