SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - James Bower - "Pen Testing is Dead: Adapt or Demise"

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that James Bower will be speaking again at SDC 7.  James is the founder of the "CTF for the rest of us" that debuted at SDC 5.  "Pen Testing is Dead: Adapt or Demise" should be insightful and helpful for all of us.

 The ROI provided by a typical penetration test continues to diminish year after year. This can be seen by an ever changing threat landscape where more and more successful breaches are beginning from malicious attachments and links. With these newer threats bypassing perimeter defenses, C levels need to begin looking at their security postures through a different lens.

About James:
James Bower is a Managing Partner at Quantum Security - a strategic Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence consulting firm based in Atlanta, GA. He is also the creator of Engaged Threat, a counter deception technology that aids in the attribution of cyber criminals.

With over 15 years of hands-on Information Security experience, James’s versatility allows him to move seamlessly between the trenches and the board room giving him a truly unique perspective. He has applied his innovative and resourceful background across multiple sectors for a diverse list of Fortune 500 companies. When not consulting James maintains a steadfast focus on advancing various areas of InfoSec including, adversary hunting, threat intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

Since 2015, James has lead the Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting Meetup Group, where he manages various events and workshops for the Atlanta cyber security community.