In Memoriam - GodFix

We are heartbroken to report that SkyDogCon has lost one of our own. RC "GodFix" Martinez has passed from illness this morning, April 17, 2021. We are mourning this loss of our close friend and staff member. For those wishing to send condolences or support for RC’s family, a GoFundMe has been established.

From SkyDog (2021-04-17)

"Sooo. It's Saturday, and I'm hanging with Evan Davison at my place for the first time in almost two years. I get a phone call from a friend to let me know that RC Martinez, also known to the hacker community as GodFix has passed away. RC was a friend to many, and a special friend to me. He was also a member of the SkyDogCon staff, and spent many years helping us with our endeavour to reach out to the hacking community. He was a kind soul. I was able to spend time with him for his birthday a few months ago, and had an absolute blast with him. When I was in the middle of moving out of my house, having lost my job, my dog, and with a lot of turmoil, RC came over and sat on my couch and made me laugh. We talked about a variety of topics, and when he went home, I felt so much better about things.

For those that knew RC, he was an oddball. But he was OUR KIND of oddball. Always helpful. He'd welcome you with an awesome hug and a smile. He was a Defcon goon, and a damn fine one at that. He assisted in the hacker community, and always had a good story to pass on during our infamous chat sessions.

RC will be missed by lots of people, in a large set of groups. Particularly I will miss him, he's been in my life for quite a while. That damn green hat is at my house. The last time he was over he accidentally left it, and we talked about meeting up to get it back to him. I've seen him at so many events wearing it... Watched him goon for hours with it firmly riding his dome. Brother, I wish that we had been able to arrange for me to hand it back to you, to get another hug, handshake and a smile.

I've made some contact with his family and will be trying to do everything we can to help, so if RC touched your life please keep an eye out for information from myself and his other friends so that we can help where we can.

RC, Brother goon, friend, and wonderful man, Rest in Peace. Love you."