SDC#7 Videos Posted

Thank you to our attendees, sponsors, vendors, and volunteers for your support and efforts to make SDC7 a success! Each of you have left you mark on the event and become the secret to its success.  Even though "lucky number 7" was announced as the final year of SkyDogCon, know how much we appreciate each of you and look forward to seeing you at other events in the future! We hope you enjoy the videos from this year! "Go hack yourself!"

SDC#7 Music Playlist

SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT -The State of the Insanity

Hacker Poker Run Signups are now open

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Karlo Arozqueta aka MadMex - 9 Reasons why your SOC is failing

Dust off that SkyDogCon 2016 Badge...

SDC#7 Saturday Workshop: "Cable Magic" w/ Redvers Davies

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - David Ermer - Body Channel Communications: Security Applications

Think Different? SDC#7 is just for you!

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Brent White - Common Assessment Mistakes Pen Testers and Clients Should Avoid

Workshop Announcement - @AdamOfDC949 Adam - Fuzzing Workshop

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Bob Wheeler - Finding Your Next CyberSec Job

SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - l0stkn0wledge - Death of an Infosec Professional