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SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - James "GrayRaven" Powell - Overkill: The Home Edition

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that James "GrayRaven" Powell will be speaking again at SkyDogCon 7.  James will be giving us insight into tightening up our home networks.

Home networks used to be simple and manageable. Today, to do things right, you need to be a network and security team all in one. Come with me on a journey from a simple flat insecure network to something better. Something that is manageable, secure, and defensible for the users. A network that is, for the builder, a lab for learning and developing skills.

About James:
James “GrayRaven” Powell is a product security analyst at Cisco Systems. He has been a professional in the Information Technology space for nearly 20 years. James spent the first seven years of his career as a system and network administrator before moving to the dark art of programming. Three years ago he stopped dabbling and tumbled down the security rabbit hole. His late career move into Information Security gives him a perspecti…

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