SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - David Ermer - Body Channel Communications: Security Applications

SkyDogCon is proud to announce that David Ermer will be speaking at SkyDogCon 7. Titled "Body Channel Communication" David will be speaking on how the human body can be used as a transmitter.


Body Channel Communication (BCC) is possible because over a range of frequencies the human body exhibits low impedance but does not strongly radiate. This body channel can be used to transmit data through the body to an external system by e.g. capacitive coupling. It's proposed mainly for collection of data from medical sensors. However there are numerous security and privacy applications. RFID technology has some similar applications but BCC has broader application and potentially greater security. I will discuss the basic technology and several unique applications.

About David:

Physicist with years of coding experience, entrepreneur, inventor. Interested in AI, security and privacy.