Hack your 2016 SkyDogCon Badge Contest

Last year, TrustedSec sponsored AMAZING badges for SkyDogCon.  The badge source code was released right after the con.  Recently, SkyDogCon staff member Tom, provided an innovative way to turn your badge into a WiFi scanner. SkyDogCon Throwback Thursday on Twitter

Now it's YOUR turn to show SkyDogCon what you can do with your badge.   Come up with a cool idea.  Make it a reality using your badge (or an ESP8266 based board if you do NOT have a badge).  Throw it in an email to the address below.  On Saturday at SkyDogCon, you will have 5 minutes to pitch your creation to the judges (this will not be recorded).

Da Rules:
     Entries will be accepted until midnight eastern on October 10, 2017.  Entries must be emailed Enter the contest here - Please note, all source code submitted will be released on the SkyDogCon website during or after the con.

     Scoring will be as follows (100 point maximum):
          0-32 points for the originality/quality of the idea and the cost of the project
          0-32 points for code quality/functionality (Yes we will test the code)
          0-32 points for your presentation at SkyDogCon
          4 points for buying a beer for any SkyDogCon staff member or volunteer  (in a red shirt)
Prizes - There will be prizes based on the number of entries.  The winner will be immortalized in SkyDogCon history.