This album cover has nothing to do with the music we played.
Among the most unexpected asks we get regularly each year is "who is this artist you're playing?" Usually that is followed up by a request to get a playlist or allow them to shoulder-surf our screen to scroll through our music library which we usually oblige (if you don't creep us out or start into some diatribe).  Honestly...we really only ever picked some music to play at SkyDogCon based on some simple requirements...
  1. We don't need a license or have to worry about fees if it gets captured/imbedded & posted (YouTube, etc.)...we don't have money to get sued!
  2. It isn't "vocally driven" as it can be distracting (or offensive depending on artist)...this is background music to allow & encourage you to talk without feeling like everyone in the room can hear your conversation! We aren't in a library!
  3. We like it. the end of #SDC5 we were yet again reminded/pressured/threatened that we HAD to post up the artists and songs.  We'll look into possibly creating a Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud or whatever playlist and seed it over time with some of our favs or ones that didn't make the list for whatever reason.  To that end...the "official" list is below.

MinnesotaDeathStarBack It Up
MinnesotaAltered StatesTo the Floor
MinnesotaAltered StatesFloat (Featuring Zion I)
MinnesotaEternal FrequenciesStardust Redux
MinnesotaEternal FrequenciesBloom