SkyDogCon @ DerbyCon 2015

DerbyCon#5 was a blast and you guys didn't fail to show us a good time, lots of laughs, and A LOT of love! Our mobile badge printing station was slammed from the moment we setup until we finally had to start turning you away so we could get some sleep! Sorry if you missed or had to bail, but we tried to get to as many of you as possible. Since we don't have time to capture the whole weekend in depth, here is a quick photo montage in addition to our @SkyDogCon twitter feed.

On the road to DerbyCon 2015!

Setup and ready to rock!

Fun stickers ready to for the masses.

I said ready to rock!

The line forms...and never seems to end!

SkyDog starts to get hungry...

Someone brings him a sandwich...

Jayson Street freaking cuts in line to get a badge...back of the line jerk!
(Just kidding...we love you!)

Squirrels like Archer apparently...and nuts.

Bessie swings by...Evan was eaten...may he rest in pieces...

IronGeek commissions "The Last Lemon Party" (notice goat's exquisite coloring)!

Evan #iced Curtis Koenig...again...

Joey identifies how much Dave Kennedy & Olaf are alike!

Dave Kennedy #iced Chris Hadnagy (one of our sponsors)...look at his "not-so-micro" expression! Pain! Lots of pain!