Ok students, let us begin today's lesson with...

Speaker Lineup & Schedule

The schedule is posted HERE and in the "Schedule" tab in the navbar...if you're reading this an not on our blog, well...

There are some changes expected due to speaker travel schedules, etc. (insert typical legalese blah here).  Even though you're not planning on leaving your seat the whole time anyways, we require you handle your biological functions in a designated area which attention to the schedule so you don't miss something important!



Remember we're at a new location this year! Don't show up to the old place just cause we were there the last 4 years in a row!  Go to the Location page to get directions, see where to park, etc.


Veteran attendees can tell you onsite food options in years past have been limited.  Not this year!

BreakfastHotel Restaurant:
Breakfast is included in your room rate for those staying at the hotel in the SDC#6 room block!
Lunch"Grab-n-go" options for SkyDogCon attendees announced each day
OR the Hotel Restaurant
FiveGuys Burgers
Which Which Sandwiches
DinnerHotel RestaurantTGI Fridays
wait...why am I typing this crap...Google it yourself!


Keep an eye open this week for posts here and on social media for details on the various activities.  Here is the current list of confirmed activities for this year:

  • Lockpick Village by the FOOLs @BLMGTN_FOOLS
  • Badge Hacking Competition by Redvers Davies @noidd
  • 2nd Annual "CTF for the rest of us!" Capture-the-Flag by James Bower @jamesbower
  • Hardware Hacking Village by Mr. Blinky Bling @MrBlinkyBling
  • Gaming Village by Benjamin Hicks @benthemeek
  • Hacker Jeopardy (Friday Night)

All activities will be in the "Vendors & Contests" area each evening which transitions to "LoungeCON" following the day's closing keynote.  We're keeping it simple!  Each evening we'll have:
  • FREE BEER & cash bar
  • Comfy chairs & places to sit
  • Tables to work on lockpicking, CTF, badge hacking, etc.
  • Music, movies, videos, and so on...
  • Good conversations, some laughs, general well intentioned shenanigans...maybe some not so well intentioned...


Be sure to bring your money to stock up on all the latest hackery goodies or projects from:
  • Ace Hackware - spy gear, pentest equipment, & cool gadgets!
  • The FOOLs - lockpicking gear, practice locks, & more!
  • Mr. Blinky Bling - beginner soldering kits & projects to do at SkyDogCon!