Look, I'm just gonna lay it out there...IT IS ON!

SkyDog & crew are proud to announce:
SkyDogCon #6 "Catch me if you can!"

October 21-23, 2016
@ Embassy Suites - Nashville South, Cool Springs
(room block & reservation information coming soon)


Well hello there campers!  We're actually more on the ball this year than we've ever been and man do we have some great stuff planned!

First, after many challenges at our previous venue we've sought out a new location with better food options, more space, and less crappy management (long story, but if you come to SDC, you already know)!  The rooms are bigger, breakfast is included with the room, and you travel snobs can get your points!  Though we've signed the contract with the hotel, we're waiting on the links to book a room in the block, etc., so we'll post an update when that’s patient! There is plenty of time!  But don't wait too late jackass!

Second, we've already been in talks with many of last year's sponsors, vendors, and event organizers to come back for 2016!  I'm incredibly excited to announce that James Bower (@jamesbower) will be back organizing a followup to last year's awesome Capture-the-Flag event.  Keep checking back for announcements on vendors, sponsors, and events as we lock them in.


Lastly, we decided to bring back a theme for 2016 and tried to stay away from the hokey hackery and do something inclusive yet as idiosyncratic as our attendees.  In other words, it’s is what you make it...hacker, maker, infosec, locksport, forgery, Ethiopian long distance runner...bring it to SkyDogCon#6 and connect to your kind!