We're down the the "home stretch" for #SDC5! We kick things off this Friday & have updated the SCHEDULE with the latest speaker updates, events, etc. Go check it out as we've had to move some things around to accommodate speakers so make sure you don't miss a talk you really want to see!


Party scene not your thing? We've listened to your feedback and, for the first time, present Lounge CON! Come to the conference area to socialize & participate in "mini-events" that include Slideshow Roulette, Mystery Science Theater, Youtube Showdown, SDC Cyber Challenge, CTF Cram Session, & more! We'll have free beer on tap, couches, and high powered HD audio/video systems for...well, whatever!

Got a project you want to get help with? Want to learn soldering, hack a piece of hardware, or take time to work on the SDC CTF? Its pretty much like "study hall" for hackers!

We'll also have the Gaming Village, Lockpick Village, and CTF open until the organizers spontaneously erupt in insanity due to lack of sleep!


The CTF is pretty much ready to go! This is a great way to hone your skills & challenge yourself in a laid back and fun competition. The best thing about this don't have to miss a single speaker or activity in sacrifice of participating! Check the schedule for start/stop times and hit up the CTF page for details.


Don't forget we're having HAM Radio Exams on Saturday!  You MUST REGISTER in advance so we can have materials, etc. prepared.  Please do so ASAP even if you think you might change your mind.  Details are posted HERE.