SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT - Alex Berta - "Dangers of Online Social Media"

SkyDogCon 7 is proud to announce Alex Berta speaking on "Dangers of Online Social Media".  You won't find Alex's talks recorded on SkyDogCon.com because his content is usually closely monitored by 3 letter agencies.  Don't miss it in person, because it won't be online anywhere.

This talk will go over things your children face online everyday. These are things that as adults we did not experience. With the help of local and federal law enforcement this talk touches on some very hard subjects. As adults we do not know what our children are exposed to everyday online. This talk is aimed at adults ONLY please no children.

About Alex:
Alexander Berta is the Threat Intelligence Lead with Information International Associates in Oak Ridge,TN. Alexander provides cyber security and threat intelligence services to clients. He assists in investigations involving identification, analysis, and presentation of data. He spent his teen years studying the methodologies of hacking collectives around the world and gained rare insight into how they operate. Alexander has been mentioned in books such as “Art of Intrusion” by Kevin Mitnick, and “2600 The Hackers Quarterly” by Emmanuel Goldstein. Alexander has devoted his life work to help thwart network intrusion efforts and expose methodologies of various threat actors.