Wednesday, September 30, 2015


As much as we'd love to keep "Early Bird" reduced ticket prices open forever, we cant!  We always have tickets available for purchase up to the door, but buying tickets in advance means we can plan better and have the right amounts of goodies, prizes, and schwag.  So, if you don't get yours now, you WILL NOT get priority for items of limited quantities...just how it has to be!

Our room block has been sold, but the hotel does still have availability.  If you'd like to get in our room block to reserve the lower rate, you need to try and do so NOW!


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SkyDogCon @ DerbyCon 2015

DerbyCon#5 was a blast and you guys didn't fail to show us a good time, lots of laughs, and A LOT of love! Our mobile badge printing station was slammed from the moment we setup until we finally had to start turning you away so we could get some sleep! Sorry if you missed or had to bail, but we tried to get to as many of you as possible. Since we don't have time to capture the whole weekend in depth, here is a quick photo montage in addition to our @SkyDogCon twitter feed.

On the road to DerbyCon 2015!

Setup and ready to rock!

Fun stickers ready to for the masses.

I said ready to rock!

The line forms...and never seems to end!

SkyDog starts to get hungry...

Someone brings him a sandwich...

Jayson Street freaking cuts in line to get a badge...back of the line jerk!
(Just kidding...we love you!)

Squirrels like Archer apparently...and nuts.

Bessie swings by...Evan was eaten...may he rest in pieces...

IronGeek commissions "The Last Lemon Party" (notice goat's exquisite coloring)!

Evan #iced Curtis Koenig...again...

Joey identifies how much Dave Kennedy & Olaf are alike!

Dave Kennedy #iced Chris Hadnagy (one of our sponsors)...look at his "not-so-micro" expression! Pain! Lots of pain!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015



So much has been going on in the background we’ve had little time to update everyone...that and we've done our best to hold off on exciting news until we're confirmed its going to happen.  That said, things will likely change, but want to give you guys the latest on plans for this year!


We're still confirming with several potential sponsors, but we're excited to announce the following have confirmed to be at SkyDogCon this year!  Hopefully more will be posted soon.  If you're interested in sponsoring, please see details on the Sponsor page.




Bookings for this year have taken us by surprise!  We've had to adjust the modestly reserved room block a few times already to make sure you're able to get the conference rate.  If you have an issue reserving your rooms, please let us know by emailing us.


We've limited the number of "Early Bird" tickets as we're planning something special for you guys! Can't say what it is, but we'll be making an announcement when these tickets are no longer available and pricing will increase as well.  We hate it to do it, but there is a "supply chain" that has hard cutoff dates for ordering and snooze, you lose!


We're having a CTF this year!  We've done our best to make it as open as possible so attendees at any level can participate and have fun!  All the information is available at the following link...


We've had some really awesome topics come in and we're really excited so many are from 1st time SkyDogCon speakers!  A very small few of you have already heard from us in regards to 1st round speaker selection.  That said, the CFP is still ongoing!  Just because you haven't heard from us or don't see your talk posted in the 1st round of speakers DOES NOT mean your talk wasn't selected!

If you've submitted a talk and are waiting for notification to book travel, please let us know please let us know by emailing us.  If you'd like to modify your submission, please fill the form out again using the same contact information and let us know in the re-submission.


The call for volunteers is still open if you're interested in supporting the conference.  Its not a free ride, but it is a LOT of fun and we make it worth your while!  Got a skill to contribute?  Want to get a backstage pass to the CON?  This is a great way in!


We are planning on hosting the HAM Radio Technician's exam again this year!  If you're interested in taking the exam, we'll be posting details here and on Twitter very soon.  It will likely occur on Saturday, 24 October, in the afternoon (after lunch) and likely will have a small fee associated (to recover costs of reserving a quiet conference space).  Space will be limited and you will need to register to take the exam.  We will post information soon with details on how to register.
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Adrian 'IronGeek' Crenshaw: The Man, Myth and Legend...

The crew of SkyDogCon would like to express our support for Adrian “IronGeek” Crenshaw. For many years, we have worked with Adrian to build video recording systems for our smaller conferences so that they too could have quality recordings to put online for the community that could not make it to a con. In the beginning, Adrian built a software system that was open ended enough that it would work with commodity recording hardware. This allowed us to build out a hardware rig that was within our budget, and also open enough for other conferences to replicate.  While it was a bit kludgy at first, over the years Adrian has refined this system into something any conference on a budget could use.

Over the years, Adrian has become the go-to person for getting your conference recorded. Whether he volunteered himself, or you called him and asked for help, he has spent more time than anyone we know traveling to conferences and helping record them. We can not determine anyone else in the community that has done so much for smaller conferences than Adrian.

The latest attempt to polarize the community is beyond insulting. Every conference organizer worries about negative press, things that will impact attendance and support. Codes of Conduct have been put in place as a way to tip toe around those in the community that wear their feelings on their sleeve. Speakers have been asked to downplay their talks in certain ways so that the possibility of someone in the audience becoming offended is minimized. We are drifting away from the true hacker spirit more and more each year. We have always been the outsiders, the rabble rousers, the square pegs in the round holes.

If anyone is a square peg, Adrian is. Do we want him to conform? NO. Those in the community that love Adrian love him because he is who he is, and he is uncompromising about who he is. We also love that he has bent over backwards to help most of us. He has given his time, his gear, and his knowledge to our community.

At what point do an individuals opinions negate their hard work? Adrian did what he thought he needed to do to protect his hard work. We stand behind him and his actions.

Adrian: You sir, are welcome at our con and our homes. You have a black badge waiting at the registration counter for SkyDogCon. We don’t want you to have to lift a finger, unless it’s to order another drink, or make an off-the-wall comment during a talk. We, like most of the community, have your back.

-The SkyDogCon Crew
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